Dave Garrett, SVP & CIO, Novant Health, Chapter 1

Dave Garrett, SVP & CIO, Novant Health

About Novant
From 90 billing systems & 12 EMRs to 1 integrated system (Epic)
Completing a 5-year rollout in 2 years
“Bigger and bigger” waves
Novant Health Community Connect
Getting past cost — “You can always find something cheaper.”
One patient, one record, one remarkable experience


Scott Mash, CIO, O’Bleness Health System, Chapter 2

Scott Mash, CIO, O'Bleness Health System

Getting practice by implementing Paragon
M&A trends — “Independents are going to be a thing of the past.”
Tapping into Ohio Health’s buying power
Wearing multiple IT hats
Positioning for innovation
CliniSync HIE
Ohio’s Paragon user group — “We bounce ideas off each other.”


Kirk Kirksey, VP & CIO, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Chapter 1

Kirk Kirksey, VP & CIO, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

About UT Southwestern
Centralizing IT operations
From Perot to UT Southwestern — “I was really interested in working with the EMR.”
Keys to change management
Phased implementation vs big bang
Mapping out the next 18 months


Cara Babachicos, CIO, Community Hospitals and Non-Acute Entities, Partners Healthcare, Chapter 1

Cara Babachicos, Corporate Director of IS and CIO, Community Hospitals and Non-Acute Entities, Partners Healthcare

Her role: “I represent CIOs at the table”
Partners eCare
Consolidating data centers
Epic selection — “It was one of the quickest decisions we ever made.”
Getting buy-in from users of homegrown systems
Planning a large-scale implementation — “All hands on deck”
Upgrades and enhancements for ICD-10


Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Hawaii Pacific Health, Chapter 1

Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Revenue Management and IT, Hawaii Pacific Health

About Hawaii Pacific
HPH’s 7-year Epic journey — “It was a lot of consolidation work.”
From a $32 million to $57 million price tag
Reducing bad debt — “We knew there was a lot of opportunity”
Communication, trust & transparency
Lingering legacy systems
Cleaning out A/R “is like draining a swamp”