KLAS: Big Expectations From Small Practices Shaking Up EHR Market

Small Practices Want The Works On a Shoestring Budget

When it comes to EHRs, small practices have big expectations, and they aren’t afraid to cut ties if their needs aren’t being met. In a new report examining the ambulatory EHR market, KLAS found that practices with one to 10 physicians have the same needs in terms of functionality and vendor support as their larger […]


Mike Mistretta, VP & CIO, MedCentral Health System, Chapter 2

Mike Mistretta, VP & CIO, Kaweah Delta Healthcare District

Data exchange with employed & affiliated docs
Adoption hurdles — “There’s still quite a bit of skepticism”
State HIEs & ROI (or lack thereof)
Physician revenue management
Preparing for ICD-10 & MU 2 — “We’re trying to pull the initiatives together.”
Staffing challenges
Taking a stand on consultant use — “All we’re doing is inflating our costs.”


KLAS: Ambulatory EMRs And The Great Usability Divide

Mark Wagner,
Senior Director, Clinical and Ambulatory Research, KLAS

When it comes to functionality, the ambulatory EMR market is far from being a level playing field, according to a new KLAS report, which identified a 30-point difference in usability between the highest and lowest-rated vendors. The study — Ambulatory EMR Usability 2013: More Nurture than Nature — focused on the performance of EMR products […]


KLAS: For Community Hospitals, PACS Price Must Be Right

Ben Brown, Imaging Research Director, KLAS

Value is the major concern for community hospital providers who are evaluating PACS replacements, according to new KLAS study, Community and Ambulatory PACS 2012: Questions of Value. In the community hospital market, a vendor’s ability to balance price and continued functionality development is strongly tied to customers’ overall satisfaction. The value leaders, according to KLAS, […]


Joan McFaul, VP/CIO, Glens Falls Hospital, Chapter 2

Joan McFaul, VP/CIO, Glens Falls Hospital

What it means to have “credibility” as a department
Defining customer service
The CIO/CMIO relationship
The importance of post-implementation support and optimization
The vendor’s role in a successful install
The CIO as fiduciary