Tullman Out At Allscripts, Company Off The Block

Glen Tullman, former CEO, Allscripts

Glen Tullman, former CEO, Allscripts

Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman, who joined the company 1997 and recently appeared to emerge victorious after a boardroom brouhaha, has stepped down. Company president Lee Shapiro will also step down.

Tullman and Shapiro will be replaced by Paul Black, who assumes both positions. Shapiro will serve as a consultant to Black for up to six months, according to the company.

Black is the former COO of Cerner, and is currently an Allscripts board member. In addition, Black has served on the board of The Truman Medical Centers for 12 years, most recently as chairman, and as a director of Haemonetics Corporation.

The company also announced that it is no longer for sale. Dennis Chookaszian, Allscripts chairman of the board, stated that after a strategic review, “The board concluded … that the best course at this time is to develop Allscripts’ long-term potential under the direction of our new management team.”


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  1. Now there ya go…another one bites the dust.
    This was all very predictable. A guy with a ‘vision’ decides to build a top tier HIT /EMR company by mashing together a bunch of disparate vendors products. The marketing is easy, actually doing it is something else. After a few years lo and behold the CEO is told the truth (which he may not really want to hear). It will take tons more money than anyone ever expected, or worse than that, a major re-write of almost all those systems. Here’s a short list of similar failures: GE, Baxter, HBOC, QuadraMed, and the list can go on.
    I’ve seen this movie about ten times over my 40 years in HIT. As the song says – when will they ever learn? Oh well, I can’t complain too loud, makes nice work for consultants.
    Frank Poggio
    The Kelzon Group

    As the song says – When will the yever learn??

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