Management In Crisis

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

It doesn’t get much worse than it did for Texas Health Resources last fall. Not only did one of its hospitals lose a patient to Ebola, but it happened to be the first person diagnosed with the disease in the U.S., meaning there were a whole lot of eyes on the organization. And after it […]


The Grit To Get It Done

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“I’m going to throw up,” I heard Tyler yell from his room. Running in, I instinctively grabbed his wastebasket on my way to his bed, praying I would make it in time. But when I got there, nothing happened. “Are you ok?” I asked cautiously; to which he moaned a bit before rolling over onto […]


Aaron Miri, CIO, Walnut Hill Medical Center, Chapter 1

Aaron Miri, CIO, Walnut Hill Medical Center

About Walnut Hill — “The hospital Steve Jobs would have built.”
Being a physician-managed hospital
5 & 15 rule
C-suit execs wearing “the hat of patient advocate”
Physician engagement & buy-in
Soarian clinicals & financials — “We’re basically a paperless environment.”
Finding the “sweet spot” with wearables


A Leader’s Eyes And Ears

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

Our 16-year-old son has recently started driving. He has two younger sisters, and while we’re nervous about driving, we appreciate the taxi help. He is now driving himself and his sister to school. It is difficult to let go in this way, but it had to happen. Many of you reading this have been through that phenomenon of the first time […]


Rick Allen, CIO, Southern Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Rick Allen, CIO, Southern Regional Medical Center

His approach as the new CIO
Taking cues from Ed Marx & Ed Brown
Value of rounding — “You have to have that interpersonal relationship to be able to ask them to do things.”
Dealing with the CEO’s sudden retirement
CIO = air traffic controller
Bringing more relevance to IT