What CIOs Can Learn From Apple’s Core Principles

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

Less is more, or so it’s said. In many ways I agree with this statement. I recently downloaded a new app that requires me to rewrite sentences and remove words that are either redundant or non-productive. This process is causing me to think about the words I use when writing and try to be more […]


What Really Happens When The Cat Goes Away

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor, hsCIO.com

It happened four years ago, right around this time. I was checking off all of my tasks before leaving for vacation when I got an email from my editor. It seems she had decided she was also taking the following week off. “Noooooooooo!” I cried (at least, in my head). It was the last thing […]


The Anchors We All Need

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief, hsCIO.com

“So I guess things were a little too busy for you to do that webinar I emailed you about?” I sheepishly asked Shafiq Rab, VP/CIO of Hackensack University Medical Center, as we stood in the back of the conference room during a keynote presentation at the CHIME spring forum. “What webinar?” he asked, looking at […]


Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System, Chapter 1

Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System

About Gwinnett Health System
Navigating a major EHR selection process
Strong demo participation — “We’re trying to obtain as much input as possible.”
Acquiring primary care practices
Georgia’s HIE model — “A network of networks”
Challenges of attesting to MU 2 with Horizon


Steve Stanic, VP & CIO, Mississippi Baptist Health System, Chapter 2

Steve Stanic, VP & CIO, Mississippi Baptist Health System

Patient portals — “The toughest measure to hit.”
His team’s 5-point engagement strategy
Shifting responsibilities
Mississippi Affiliated Network
“We needed a strategy so we’re not always at the mercy of Medicare or Blue Cross.”
Improving throughput — “That’s the name of the game now.”