Don’t Hit The Panic Button… Yet

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“My position just got eliminated – last day is Friday. Can’t talk now, have clinic. I’m not that upset. I’m ok,” read a text from my wife last Wednesday morning. Well, ain’t that a kick in the pants, I thought, working to process the new information and its implications. So the hours went by as […]


Flexing The Twitter Muscles

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“Nothing good ever comes from Twitter.” I heard it a few months ago after yet another athlete became embroiled in a social media scandal, and I was starting to agree. This time it was a football player who hit ‘favorite’ on a Twitter post — during a game his team was playing. Granted he was […]


James Wellman, CIO, Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Chapter 2

James Wellman, CIO, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Breaking out of break/fix mode
Transparency with the board — “This is where you are. Here’s what we need to do.”
Challenging vendor parameters with EMC
“The costs are the costs; we need to manage how we do this”
Data & network overhaul
Partnering with Brocade — “We sold them on the concept.”


How To Avoid Messing Up On Your Next Interview

Bonnie Siegel, Healthcare IT Executive Search Consultant, Witt/Kieffer

Congratulations, you have survived all the steps to be invited to a job interview at a health system! The keys to success in interviewing can be as simple as advance preparation and practicing your answers. Are you prepared to be judged by a multitude of strangers and be peppered with their questions? Let’s avoid the […]


Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Chapter 2

Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

The evolving CIO role
“Analytics is not the answer; it’s a large part of the answer.”
Data-driven decision making
Selling the board on analytics — “It’s important to build consensus.”
The CIO’s many hats
Portal adoption is “fundamental and pivotal in terms of population management.”
Learning from Google, Apple & Walmart