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Webinar Calendar

April 11th @ Noon EST

healthsystemCIO.com All Star Panel: The Heightened State of Security – Produced in Partnership with CHIME

Speakers:   Theresa Meadows, R.N., CHCIO, SVP/CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System, Co-chair, Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force

Garrett Hall, Research Director, Cybersecurity & Implementation Services, KLAS

Perhaps no issue stresses CIOs more these days than securing their networks from a breach or ransomware attack. Cybercriminals are continually finding new and more sophisticated ways to disrupt networks, searching for even the smallest cracks. In an effort to benchmark the current state of security preparedness across the healthcare industry, KLAS and CHIME embarked on a study to assess best practices and gain insights on healthcare organizations’ current security programs. Also, in March, a federal task force is slated deliver a report to Secretary Tom Price, M.D., on how the industry as a whole can better address cybersecurity. Join our expert panel to assess these findings, discuss current threats and review best practices in dealing with them.  Sponsored by Lenovo


4/20 @ Noon EST

Breaking Down Blockchain: What Every Healthcare CIO Needs to Know

Speaker: Chad Brisendine, VP/CIO, St. Luke’s University Health Network

It’s in its infancy, but it could change everything. Yes – this description can apply to many technologies, but the biggest buzz today is around blockchain. Even the current definitions need definitions, with blockchain being described as “a data structure,” or an “indelible ledger in the sky,” and much else. In this unique webinar, you’ll learn exactly what blockchain is, along with its applications in healthcare today and what they might be tomorrow. Someday soon, your boss is going to ask, “So what’s this blockchain all about?” Attending this webinar will ensure you have an informed answer.  Available for Sponsorship


April 27 @ Noon EST

Wider Than Precision Medicine: Leveraging IT for a Holistic Patient Engagement Approach 

Lisa Stump, SVP/CIO, Yale New Haven Health System, Yale School of Medicine

When we hear the term “Precision” we often think of a very targeted, exact or calculated approach — images of finely tuned laboratory or mechanical instruments come to mind. The term has now been applied to medicine, and Precision Medicine promises the customization of care that is tailored to the individual patient, based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. But, in the truest sense of the word, shouldn’t Precision Medicine, or more aptly Precision Healthcare, take into account all that we can know about an individual. For example, what are their health goals?  How do they perceive their own health status? How do they want to be engaged in medical decision making or how do they choose to engage others? These factors are as much about providing Precision Healthcare as the DNA sequence that determines drug metabolism. Precision Healthcare recognizes these same diagnostic, cellular and genetic findings in conjunction with the personal values and beliefs that individuals hold. In this webinar, learn how leveraging technologies that bring both perspectives together can create a vision of true Precision Healthcare.  Available for Sponsorship


May 11 @ Noon EST

Value-based Care Transformation Journal with Renee Broadbent, AVP, Population Health Information Technology and Strategy, UMass Memorial Healthcare

Single event or quarterly series sponsorship available

As all IT professionals know, the move to value-based care (VBC) is not like a big-bang implementation – there is no point at which you flip a single switch and break out the champagne. Rather, it’s an iterative and incremental journey in which you move forward based on the best available information, assess and then adjust. In this unique quarterly webinar series, you’ll hear about UMass Memorial Healthcare’s VBC journey as it happens so that you can benefit from the best practices and avoid the stumbling blocks. With each health system on its own similar voyage, this is one series you can’t afford to miss.  Available for Sponsorship


June 8 @ Noon EST
healthsystemCIO.com All Stars Webinar Panel: Profiles in FHIR
Speaker: Shafiq Rab, MD, VP/CIO, Hackensack University Med Center
It’s been both hyped as a cure-all for healthcare’s interoperability ills and vilified as a solution not ready for primetime. And for all but those most in the know, it’s been surrounded by questions about what exactly it can do for them today. It is, of course, the data exchange technology known as FHIR, or Fast Health Interoperability Resources. In this timely webinar, you’ll hear from those actively using FHIR  about their best practices and lessons learned. Available for Sponsorship


May 2nd           The Right Way to Skin a Cat: The Best VNA Migration Approaches Sponsored by GE Healthcare

May 23rd          One Patient, One Record: The Quest for 100% Accurate Patient Matching

June 1st            Garbage In/Garbage Out: Data Governance Strategies That Work

June 6th            Unified Communications for Improved Clinician Workflow

June 13th          BCP Trumps DR: Business Continuity Strategies to Keep You Up and Running

June 20th          Puttin on the Ritz: Improving the Patient Experience

June 27th         Critical Components of a Value-based Care Journey


Sponsorship Details – 
  • Speakers recruited by healthsystemCIO.com (with input from sponsor)
  • Topic decided by healthsystemCIO.com and sponsor
  • If Webinar is a panel format, sponsor is able to direct panel questions
  • ​Live integrated Tweet Chat during event
  • Sponsor may ask up to three polling questions during webinar
  • Sponsor can add a custom question to exit survey
  • Sponsor logo on presentation slides, landing page and in email promotions
  • Sponsor receives complete contact information of everyone that registers
  • Sponsor receives MP4 file of the Webinar
  • Webinar archive is posted to the healthsystemCIO.com YouTube Channel


Webinar Sponsorship FAQs

What is the size of your email distribution for webinar promotion? 

We have over 9,000 opt-in subscribers and more than 300 CIOs on our Advisory Panel.  The size of our list, although smaller than some of our competitors, is not a hindrance to our business.   A lot of media companies are a “mile wide and an inch deep,” meaning they reach everyone and write for everyone.  We are an “inch wide and a mile deep,” with a focus on hospital and health system CIOs.  That is how we are able to consistently produce webinars featuring the top CIOs in the country.  We don’t pay speaking fees — the CIOs want to use our platform and audience reach to educate their peers. Because we produce on average of one webinar per week, we have the processes down to a science — from building the programs with our sponsors straight through to live event production and follow up.


How do you promote your webinars?

Each event is promoted with an event-specific email to our entire list twice and is posted on our website.  Promotion extends far beyond our list with our robust social media activity.  Kate Gamble, our Managing Editor/Director of Social Media, posts each event on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages and sends targeted Tweets with topic specific #s. We also run targeted advertisements for each event on LinkedIn.


How does the registration break down in terms of the types of facilities that the CIOs represent? 

Each webinar brings in different types of facilities.  Take a look at our YouTube Channel and select an event where the topic and/or speakers is appealing to you, and we are happy to send you the title and facility list of the registrations so you can know exactly what we bring to the table.


What is your average number of registrations per webinar?

This number varies widely based on topic and speakers.  Our 2016 average is 134 Registrations with a year high of 228 and a year low of 83.  For the events that don’t perform to the clients expectations, we are happy to explore additional avenues of branding and lead generation so our clients are always thrilled.


Do you guarantee leads?

We don’t guarantee leads but we have open discussions with our sponsors on expectations and how best to reach the target number. We focus on quality over quantity.  A busy CIO will sign up for a webinar where they are interested in the content.


Can vendors suggest the webinar subject?

In our Custom Webinar model, the sponsor suggests the webinar topic and we write a title and overview based on what we think our audience will respond to.  Sponsors edit and approve the title and overview.


Do you recruit speakers from vendors?

We handle all speaker recruitment based on sponsors’ suggestions.  Speakers can either be from the sponsoring company, a client of the sponsoring company, an analyst or a combination set in a roundtable format.


What are the different webinar formats?

We can either have a straight PowerPoint supported presentation with one or two speakers or we can host a roundtable discussion where the sponsor helps direct the panel questions before the event. All webinars are hosted and moderated by our Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra.


What is the lead time to produce a Webinar?

Ideally, we prefer to have six weeks from first conversation to webinar event date. We can truncate this timeline to four weeks if topic and speakers are already established and confirmed when discussion begin.


Who does the sponsor work with to produce a Webinar?

From start to finish, the sponsor works with Nancy Wilcox, Director of Sales and Marketing, on the Webinar logistics and Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief, on webinar content.



One webinar is $8,250 and a quarterly series is $26,000.  The cost doesn’t change for any reason and there are never any hidden upcharges.





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