Survey Says It Does Matter Who’s The Boss

Survey Says It's Not About Who's the Boss, but Who Makes the Calls

When it comes to the CIO’s ability to achieve results, governance structure weighs heavily, according to the March Snap Survey, which found that 57 percent of CIOs believe an organization’s reporting structure matters “a great deal.” As mergers and acquisitions become increasingly common, a large number of hospitals are making changes to the reporting […]


Survey Says Remote Monitoring Is On The Radar, But Not An Immediate Priority

Remote Monitoring Programs Are On CIOs' Radars, But Not Alone

Despite numerous reports citing mounting interest in remote monitoring programs, for most CIOs, the technology is still a “nice to have” and not a “must have,” according to the February Snap Survey. While remote monitoring is certainly gaining traction, it will continue to take a backseat to other pressing priorities, the survey found — […]


Survey Says CIOs Still Hitting The Road, But With A Different Agenda


Despite facing constant budgetary and time constraints, CIOs continue to rack up the frequent flyer miles, according to the January SnapSurvey, which found that 53 percent plan to attend three or four conferences or meetings in 2014, and 31 percent have one or two trips on the docket in 2014. However, although CIOs are […]


SnapSurvey: Most CIOs Pressured To Forge Ahead With Flawed Projects

SnapSurvey Says Organizations Often Ignore Red Flags

For weeks, the error-ridden launch of has dominated the headlines, but to CIOs, there’s nothing newsworthy about the idea of forging ahead with project that isn’t ready. And in fact, most have been in a similar situation. According to the November Snap Survey, 71 percent of CIOs have been associated with an initiative […]


Survey Says CIOs Support Audits But Question The Process

Do The Ends Of The Audit Process Justify The Means?

Although most CIOs support the idea behind Meaningful Use audits, they find the methodology to be maddening, according to the October SnapSurvey, which found that 55 percent view audits as a “necessary evil.” Nearly a quarter of CIOs, however, believe they merely add to the burden of already overtaxed IT organizations, with one respondent […]