Survey: CIOs Question The Value Proposition Of Integration

Connecting with providers is a key priority for CIOs

As more health systems transition to an ACO model, CIOs face mounting pressures to align with independent practices and to create an integrated platform across the system. But for those organizations that aren’t there yet, some are beginning to question whether it’s all worth it. According to the November SnapSurvey, the large majority (83 […]


Survey Finds Staff Turnover Isn’t All About Money

CIOs: It Takes More Than a Raise to Retain Top Talent.

Talented IT professionals are testing the waters, and finding that climate is extremely inviting. According to the October Snap Survey, nearly a third of CIOs say their organization has experienced higher staff turnover in the past 12 months than in previous years, and it has leaders concerned. As a result, many executive teams are […]


Survey Finds Large Gap Between M&A Expectations And Realities

How Big Is The Gap Between M&A Planning and Execution?

Although hospital mergers and acquisitions have become increasingly common, the process is still fraught with roadblocks. And for many CIOs, it’s a much bumpier ride than they anticipated, according to the September SnapSurvey, which revealed a wide gap between expectations and post-merger realities. Not surprisingly, the majority (65 percent) of CIOs indicated they had […]


Survey: CIOs Say ACOs Great On Paper, But Not In Practice

ACOs Are Great On Paper, But Is That Enough?

When it comes to accountable care and other shared savings organizations, CIOs support the overall premise, but when it comes to application, it’s often a different story. In the August Snap Survey, nearly half (47 percent) of respondents said their organization is participating in an ACO and 13 percent are in the process of […]


Survey: CIOs Can Play – But It Takes Work

CIOs Are Getting Away - Even If They Still Check In

There’s nothing easy about getting out of the office, but CIOs are doing it. According to the July SnapSurvey, the vast majority (92 percent) of respondents plan to take a vacation this year. One CIO said spending time away is a “survival tactic” in today’s hectic health IT environment, and another stated that work-life […]