Michael Martz, CIO, Meadville Medical Center, Chapter 1

Michael Martz, CIO, Meadville Medical Center

About Meadville MC
Migrating from Magic to 6.1
Beta site for Meditech’s web-based ambulatory product
“We definitely approach it with our eyes wide open.”
Getting practices on a single unified system
Challenges with CPOE & public reporting interfaces — “That kept us sweating for a while”
Using consultants to help with “heavy lifting”


Bernie Clement, CIO, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, Chapter 1

Bernie Clement, CIO, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

About Thibodaux Regional
Meditech in the hospital, eClinicalWorks in clinics
MU as “a key driver”
CPOE steering committee
Focus on physician engagement — “They want to understand why we’re changing something.”
Data analytics with Health Catalyst


Spencer Hamons, CIO & COO, Taos Health Systems, Chapter 1

Spencer Hamons, CIO & COO, Taos Health Systems

About Taos Health
Meditech Magic since the mid-90s
athenahealth in the clinics
Taos’ “very active” PHO
Eyeing population health — “We’re going to have to be frontrunners.”
Infrastructure challenges & Internet outages
“Everybody wants to sell you on a cloud-based system.”


Contemplating Stage 7, Part 2: Beyond Just Achieving Benchmarks


The real challenge for many organizations will be whether Stage 7 can realistically be achieved with your existing vendors. If you are using a single-vendor approach, like many Epic, Meditech, or Cerner hospitals are, the data elements that need to flow between modules or department clinical applications already exist. The need to use BMV in […]


KLAS: Epic, Cerner Ride the Buying Wave While Others Struggle to Stay Afloat

Colin Buckley, Strategic Operations Director, KLAS

As organizations shift their focus to the next three to five years, a significant number are looking to replace their existing acute care EMR systems. But for vendors looking to land new clients, the news isn’t good, as the majority of those looking to make a move already have a specific platform in mind, according […]