Dan Waltz, VP & CIO, MidMichigan Health, Chapter 1


About MidMichgan Health
Affiliating with University of Michigan Health System to “share our strengths.”
Allscripts in practices, Cerner in hospitals
Outsourcing to Cerner
“We’re looking at various ways to centralize most of the services.”
HIE mergers
Getting docs on board with data exchange


Sonya Christian, CIO, West Georgia Health System, Chapter 1

Sonya Christian, CIO, West Georgia Health System

About West Georgia Health
Being an early adopter — “We have the ear of the developers”
Balancing her team’s “competitive spirit” with a dose of practicality
The “on-ramp” to the Georgia HIN
Expanding data exchange beyond owned practices
Portal education during discharge


KLAS: HIE Vendors Still Unable To Connect The Dots

HIEs Are Still Islands, Says KLAS

As organizations step up their data exchange efforts to meet the requirements of Meaningful Use, providers are finding that connectivity is still a major hurdle, according to a new KLAS report — Health Information Exchange 2012: Muddled in Interfaces. The report found that vendor satisfaction scores are on the decline, with providers citing inadequate support […]


Maureen Hetu, CIO, Lourdes Health System, Chapter 3

Maureen Hetu, CIO, Lourdes Health System

HIE work with Novo/Medicity/Aetna
Is all healthcare, like politics, local?
BYOD strategies


Heath Bell, CIO, KishHealth System, Chapter 2

*Developing an HIE strategy, Medicity at the core
*Dealing with the specialists (the oncology exception)
*Measuring up to Meaningful Use (going for S1 in 2012)
*”I think some of the timelines for the smaller facilities are going to be a challenge … ultimately, it should shift a little bit”
*Meditech comes through