KLAS: Third-Party Vendors Cornering the ACO Market

Eric Bermudez, Research Director, KLAS

When it comes to meeting the needs of physician-led ACOs, which are becoming increasingly common, third-party ACO vendors are getting a leg up on the competition, according to new research from KLAS. The report — Physician ACOs 2014: Variations on the Accountable Care Theme — found that physician organizations now lead more ACOs than hospitals […]


Norma Tirado, CIO & VP of Human Resources and IT, Lakeland HealthCare, Chapter 1

Norma Tirado, CIO & VP of HR & IT, Lakeland HealthCare

About Lakeland HealthCare
Speed-to-value approach with Epic rollout
Consultant expertise vs keeping intellectual property in-house
Getting docs to buy in — “The timing helped us. They knew MU was coming.”
Implementation hype cycle & “the valley of despair”
Shifting into optimization mode


Daniel Nigrin, CIO & SVP of IS, Boston Children’s Hospital, Chapter 1

Daniel Nigrin, CIO & Senior VP of IS, Children's Hospital Boston

About Boston Children’s
Collaboration in Boston’s “Nexus of IT”
Being a Cerner/Epic shop — “We have a pretty nice flow of data back and forth”
From a self-developed system to commercial platform — “The expense was just not going to be sustainable”
Room for customization
Leveraging Cerner’s experience with pediatrics


KLAS: Epic, Cerner Ride the Buying Wave While Others Struggle to Stay Afloat

Colin Buckley, Strategic Operations Director, KLAS

As organizations shift their focus to the next three to five years, a significant number are looking to replace their existing acute care EMR systems. But for vendors looking to land new clients, the news isn’t good, as the majority of those looking to make a move already have a specific platform in mind, according […]


Marc Chasin, MD, CIO & CMIO, St. Luke’s Health System, Chapter 1

Marc Chasin, MD, CIO & CMIO, St. Luke's Health System

About St. Luke’s
Going from the east coast to Idaho
Affinity for “the intersection of technology & clinical practice.”
Having dual roles — “You have to have a strong team around you.”
Moving to an integrated system
“We’ve made a significant improvement but we’re nowhere near finished”
The keys to change management