Bill Spooner, SVP/CIO, Sharp Healthcare, Transcript/Podcast Chapter 1

*Writing commentary on industry trends
*”All of a sudden we’ve been upended by HITECH, health reform …”
*Thoughts on HITECH
*The importance of advocacy
*Why change takes time


Mostashari Tapped to Lead ONC

Farzad Mostashari, M.D., has been selected as ONC’s new National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Mostashari joined ONC in July 2009, serving as the Deputy National Coordinator for Programs and Policy. Previously, he served at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as Assistant Commissioner for the Primary Care Information Project. Mostashari replaces […]

Share SnapSurvey: CIOs Feel Unheard in MU Formation

More than 82 percent of CIOs say the voices of those who will have to implement MU (providers/vendors) are not being heard and acted on by the people crafting it, according to a recent SnapSurvey. Despite that widespread sentiment, the same percentage say they would be disappointed if the program were to be cancelled […]


ONC Needs a CIO

The resignation of David Blumenthal, MD, last week as national coordinator for heath IT provides an important opportunity to right a meaningful use (MU) ship out of control. As I wrote in The Most Powerful Person in Healthcare IT, I believe that ship is out of control because the crafting of MU has been taken […]


John Glaser, CEO, Health Services Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare, Podcast Chapter 1

With just under a year at the helm of Siemens Healthcare, it’s fair to say John Glaser has taken full measure of life on the vendor side. As such, he’s been immersed in issues like deciding which products are “go-forward,” which customer segments are best suited to the vendor’s offerings, and which industry regulations will […]