The Trait That Can Destroy A Culture

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

How did you get where you are? I don’t mean how did you get to the coffee shop, your office, or your living room, I mean how did you get to where you are in your career? I started out by joining the US Navy after high school. I couldn’t figure out how to show […]


A New View Of EHRs

Daniel Morreale, VP/CIO, Riverside Healthcare System

I woke from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning with a start. I made a mistake. Not that being wrong was a new and alien concept to me, but the question that crawled out of the fogs of sleep, was terrible and appalling. I was chagrined at my stupidity, and whispered […]


To Play Or Not To Play

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

When I woke up this morning to the usual sounds of my phone alarm, I had a startling realization when I saw the date: September 11. It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since the events that changed us as a nation so dramatically. I remember the day like it was yesterday; the horrific […]


Whatever It Takes

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

It was September 2007 and I was walking down one of those lonely Las Vegas streets which, though busy with traffic, lack a human presence on the sidewalks. When you are off the strip, nobody doing anything legal walks around in Las Vegas. But I had to walk because I had no car. I couldn’t […]


What Is Patient Experience’s Wow Factor?

Paul Roemer, VP of Patient Access, Clinovations

If asked, most of your employees would probably describe your organization as highly innovative. Would those same people be able to describe the most impactful innovation in the last two years? Would they be able to describe a single innovation? Do they know who is in charge of innovation? If the answer to those three questions […]