Gasoline And Water

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

When I was around 12 years old, I found out how powerful gasoline is. The smell is unmistakable. If you have ever pumped gas, spilled a little on your hand and went into your car, you know what I’m talking about. At 12 years old, I was intrigued by the smell of gasoline and wondered […]


The Biggest Mistakes That Healthcare CIOs Are Making

David Miller, CIO, Optimum Healthcare IT (former CIO,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

My career in healthcare now spans over 35 years. I started out as a clinician (medical technologist), but have spent the last 20-plus years in the healthcare IT space. I spent several years in the software vendor world, well over 20 years in the healthcare consulting environment, and approximately 10 years in the provider IT […]


Lead By Example

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

How often have you heard that leaders have to “walk the talk?” But how often has a leader you admire disappointed you with either their comments or behavior? We ask ourselves “what were they thinking?” Being a positive role model and leading by example is something I take very seriously – in both my professional […]


Put Your Name On It

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

I love a good press conference. And by ‘good,’ I mean one in which an athlete, coach or owner goes off script and provides an unforgettable sound bite. Over the years, we sports fans have witnessed some doozies. There was former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora, whose infamous “Playoffs?!” rant quickly became a staple on […]


When A Hot Streak Goes Cold

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

The alarm went off at 5:40 AM as usual. I unplugged my phone and took a bleary-eyed look at my email. In it, I saw an automated report had come in about one of our programs. While hoping to see at least a number of 20, and would have been happier with something closer to […]