Navigating The Road From Outside

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“Another promotion?” I wrote to my friend after seeing his updated status on LinkedIn. “For some reason, they felt it was a good decision to put me in charge of an $85 million product line (the biggest one the organization has),” he wrote back. “We’ll see how this one goes.” First off, you know you’ve […]


Staff Retention And The “Like”

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“Looks like it’s going to happen over the weekend,” said my (then) coworker Laura. Normally shy and reserved, she was visibly excited on this particular day about three years ago. As a result of her tireless efforts, the publication’s Facebook page was about to hit 10,000 “likes.” It was certainly an impressive milestone, but her […]


How Does Your Salary Measure Up?

Bonnie Siegel, Healthcare IT Recruiter, Witt/Kieffer

Whether your yearly review has happened already or you are scheduled to have one, it is a good time to do some research into the health system CIO salary data available online and in recent studies. Base salary and potential bonus information are only pieces of the total compensation package, but checking a couple of […]


Ebola And The Role Of An EHR

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

“EHR Flaw at Core of US Ebola Case.” No CIO could ignore this October 3rd headline. As a CIO, one of our nightmares is that a problem in the systems we implement could cause a major medical error. One of our core missions in health care information technology is to prevent medical errors. The statement blaming […]


Do We Deliberately Disengage Patients?

Paul Roemer, VP of Patient Access, Clinovations

The reporter on ESPN stated that cyclists in a 40-kilometer race could shave 79 seconds off their time by shaving all of their hair. The reporter failed to mention how much time could be shaved by pedaling faster. Sometimes the easiest answer is overlooked, perhaps because it is too easy to be believed. Patient engagement. Hospital disengagement. […]