Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO, Hospital Sisters Health System, Chapter 2

Kevin Groskreutz, Division CIO, Ancillary Systems, Hospital Sisters Health System

Patient portal challenges — “Acute care data is very episodic.”
The interoperability puzzle
4 HIEs in 2 states
3-year plan for IT — “It’s actionable.”
Selling the benefits of an enterprise approach
“Success breeds success.”
The “constant conversation” of change management


Creating A Security Culture

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

I recently wrote that if the CIO is the only one worrying about the EHR implementation, it’s a problem. Likewise, if the CIO and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are the only ones thinking about IT security, it’s a problem. You only have to read the news any given week to see the rising number of breaches within […]


Panel Discussion: The Young CIO, Part 3

Joey Hobbs, CIO, Community Hospital Anderson

The onboarding learning curve — “They expect you to come in and figure things out.”
Huddles, town halls & one-on-ones
“It’s tough deciding how transparent you’re going to be.”
Making IT a social media department
Open-door empowerment policy
Learning from mentors — “Take risks, but make the mistake only once.”


You’re Asking Microsoft To Do A Joint Sales Presentation With Oracle?

Scott MacLean, Deputy CIO, Partners HealthCare

Earlier this year, I wrote about an inspiring vendor interaction. I was careful to include a disclaimer that I’m sympathetic to my vendor friends, having worked on that side of the table. I know that our vendors are extremely important, and I spend a significant amount of time each month interacting with them and building […]


Four Cornerstones Of A Strong Culture

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

There are two questions that can gauge the impact you have as a leader. Two questions that you should listen for as warning signs that the culture in your workplace is not effective. What would he/she do? This question implies that they are thinking about how you would like things done. It indicates that your […]