When Postponing Isn’t An Option

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief, hsCIO.com

“Why don’t you just reschedule it?” my wife asked. “Because our speaker is in Texas, our sponsor is headquartered in South Dakota and our attendees are spread around the country. Nobody cares that we’re having a weather issue in the Northeast,” I replied. It was the morning of Jan. 27 — the day of the […]


Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Chapter 1

Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

About Memorial Hospital Gulfport
Going big bang with Cerner Millenium — “It requires a lot of discipline.”
Change management & avoiding knee-jerk reactions
Cross-section representation
Defining optimization — “We wanted the most integrated system possible”
Robust analytics with Health Catalyst


Stand Out At The Interview

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

Interviewing for a new job? Remember when you interviewed for your current position? Any way you slice it, job interviews will cause stress, but they can also be a growth opportunity. In recent weeks I have interviewed several candidates for three different positions. I am hiring a new executive assistant who will work closely with […]


Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, St. Luke’s University Health Network, Chapter 2

Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, St Luke’s Hospital & Health Network

Change management — “It has to be operationally owned and supported by IT.”
HIMSS stage 2 to stage 6
Leading change “can be daunting.”
From Christus to St. Luke’s
Virtualization — “A must-have in today’s environment”
Switching to Cisco’s platform
“Assigned accountability” to increase portal use


Five Rules For A Successful Recognition Program

Dale Sanders, SVP for Strategy, Health Catalyst (former CIO, Cayman Islands HSA)

Awards and recognition programs for teammates and employees are a critically important aspect of an organization’s culture. But it’s not difficult for them to have the opposite intended effect, by recognizing employees who don’t deserve it, failing to recognize those who do, or losing the sincerity of the recognition altogether — that is, going through […]