From Rumination Comes Illumination

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

The alarm goes off at 5:35 AM. I roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower before throwing on some clothes and making my way in to see Tyler — who is almost 5 — at 6. He’s still at the fun age where he wants […]


HIMSS Analytics: Efficiency Is Top Operational Priority for Hospitals

Efficiency Takes Precedence In Hospitals, says HIMSS Analytics

When it comes to hospital operations, efficiency has become a top priority. In a report evaluating the use of health IT applications in US hospitals, HIMSS Analytics identified bed management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial modeling applications as the areas positioned for the most growth among hospitals. Using data from the HIMSS Analytics Database, […]


Russ Branzell, CEO & President, CHIME, Chapter 2

Russell Branzell, President & CEO, CHIME

CHIME Speakers Bureau
Disappointment with ICD-10 delay — “Organizations literally were flipping switches as of that week.”
Working with AHIMA
Pushing for “reasonable flexibility” on MU 2
New membership groups
First-year success — “We were able to make some major ground in the industry.”


KLAS: Third-Party Vendors Cornering the ACO Market

Eric Bermudez, Research Director, KLAS

When it comes to meeting the needs of physician-led ACOs, which are becoming increasingly common, third-party ACO vendors are getting a leg up on the competition, according to new research from KLAS. The report — Physician ACOs 2014: Variations on the Accountable Care Theme — found that physician organizations now lead more ACOs than hospitals […]


Norma Tirado, CIO & VP of Human Resources and IT, Lakeland HealthCare, Chapter 3

Norma Tirado, CIO & VP of HR & IT, Lakeland HealthCare

Lakeland’s volunteer RaDAR team
“Leading toward the future”
Significance of stage 7 — “It’s about outcomes.”
32 saved lives
IT’s role in demonstrating value — “We have to do better.”
Escaping to the golf course