Steve Stanic, VP & CIO, Mississippi Baptist Health System, Chapter 2

Steve Stanic, VP & CIO, Mississippi Baptist Health System

Patient portals — “The toughest measure to hit.”
His team’s 5-point engagement strategy
Shifting responsibilities
Mississippi Affiliated Network
“We needed a strategy so we’re not always at the mercy of Medicare or Blue Cross.”
Improving throughput — “That’s the name of the game now.”


Breaking The Chains: How CIOs Can Create a Culture of Balance

Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System

You don’t want to be like bad inventory — first in and last out; stale and not fresh. The days of being lauded for winning the marathon for working the most hours are well behind us. The quantity of hours logged rarely translates to improved quality and often leads to a lack of creativity and […]


Theresa Meadows, SVP & CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System, Chapter 3

Theresa Meadows, SVP/CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System

Her pivotal career moment — “I want your job.”
Learning from mentors
“It’s about really listening to what people say.”
Embracing challenges — “I really didn’t know what I was signing up for when I said yes.”
From nursing to technology
Advice for aspiring CIOs — “It’s not about immediate gratification.”


Bridging The Gaps: How One HIE Is Uniting Communities to Improve Care

Chris Carmody, SVP, IS Department, UPMC & President, ClinicalConnect HIE

When a region’s leading healthcare providers come together to form a network to share information, millions of patients benefit. That is ultimately why a group of healthcare leaders came together to create ClinicalConnect HIE, western Pennsylvania’s first and largest health information exchange. The passage of the HITECH Act in 2009 was the primary force driving […]


Bring A Laptop To Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Dale Sanders, SVP for Strategy, Health Catalyst (former CIO, Cayman Islands HSA)

When I started teaching at Northwestern in 2005, it had been a quite a few years since I’d been in an academic setting for anything other than guest lectures. In the time that had expired towards 2005, the students all had laptops and the classrooms had WiFi. I thought the student were taking notes and […]