Innovation On A Roll

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

Four years. It’s the amount of time I spent working in New York City. A time that included countless lunches, happy hour get-togethers, and coffee meetings. And then there were walks in the park, shopping trips, outdoor movie viewings, and celebrity sightings. For much of that time, however, I commuted from central New Jersey, which […]


Tom Pacek, VP & CIO, Inspira Health Network, Chapter 1

Tom Pacek, VP & CIO, Inspira Health Network

About Inspira
Soarian in hospitals, ambulatory migrating to Cerner
Physician bakeoff to select a system
Inspira’s “enterprise mentality”
MU attestation on physician side — “The biggest gap is the patients.”
Onsite portal signups & tests
“You can’t control the patient; the best you can do is educate them and get them engaged.”


Six Lessons in Health IT Innovation


I speak frequently on the intersection of HIT and Innovation, especially around how we can be more innovative in using the HIT we already have in place via human-centered design thinking (“ask, observe, think and feel” about what the end user has to deal with). At a recent healthcare conference, I spoke about this topic […]


David Baker, VP of IT, St. Joseph Health, Chapter 2

David Baker, VP of IS, St. Joseph Health

“People before tickets”
StaffHub’s “modern-day intranet” concept
From 50 to 40K users in 6 weeks
Selling “Facebook” to the board — “We know it’s a scary word.”
Power of knowledge sharing
A softer approach — “You don’t have to use it, but here’s what you could gain from it.”
Pushing the envelope


A Collection of Snapshots

Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino Consulting

I was showing my children photographs of me at a younger age; some of them black and white, affixed to heavy stock page that had yellowed over time. Snapshots of what was. Single depictions of specific events at specific times, none of them betraying or foretelling my future. The photo album chronicled parts of my life, those […]