Four Things To Do Before Leaving For Vacation

Joey Hobbs, CIO, Community Hospital Anderson

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were able to spend a week on the beach in the Dominican Republic. It was a great vacation, but like any vacation, it took lot of planning and preparation — both at home and at work. The world we live in as healthcare CIOs is hectic, to […]


Working For Vacation

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“You’re taking a picture so you can prove that you’re working?” the man at the next table laughed. “Absolutely,” I kidded. “That’ll be good for tax purposes,” joked his wife. “Good idea,” I smiled. “I’ll send it to my accountant too.” There’s my lead, I thought, as I rushed back to my seat to start […]


Survey: CIOs Can Play – But It Takes Work

CIOs Are Getting Away - Even If They Still Check In

There’s nothing easy about getting out of the office, but CIOs are doing it. According to the July SnapSurvey, the vast majority (92 percent) of respondents plan to take a vacation this year. One CIO said spending time away is a “survival tactic” in today’s hectic health IT environment, and another stated that work-life […]


If Not Now, When?

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

How often have you put off scheduling a doctor appointment or preventive test because you’re just too busy? Do you keep up your exercise routine when you’ve got a big project and key deadline looming? Do you have someone who helps keep you honest on these basic “taking care of yourself” things? Have to admit I’m […]


Tressa Springmann, VP & CIO, LifeBridge Health, Chapter 4

Tressa Springmann, VP & CIO, LifeBridge Health

The defensive box
Introducing change — “You need to be very careful.”
Restructuring LifeBridge’s leadership team
Teaching IS at St. Mary’s University
Staying energized
“I’m a continual student.”