George Hickman, EVP & CIO, Albany Medical Center, Chapter 1

George 'Buddy' Hickman, EVP/CIO, Albany Medical Center

About Albany Medical Center
Being a Soarian development site — “There were a lot of fits and starts.”
Siemens-Cerner merger
“There’s a direction there and an investment pattern that’s going to continue.”
Meeting with John Glaser & Kent Gale — “They gave us an early preview of the intended roadmap.”


SnapSurvey: Why Vendors Strike Out When Pitching CIOs

SnapSurvey Says Vendors Are Having Trouble Hearing 'No'

It’s become more difficult than ever for salespeople to gain access to CIOs, forcing them to get creative. But are some going too far to secure a meeting? Yes, according to the July SnapSurvey, which found that the majority of respondents (63 percent) believe salespeople have become less respectful of their time. One of […]


Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System, Chapter 1

Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System

About CarePoint
Upgrading to the newest Meditech version — “Staying where you are is not a good business decision.”
eClinicalWorks in owned practices
Data-sharing hurdles — “They certainly don’t make it easy for us.”
Creating a defined risk management process
“Now it happens as a matter of our day-to-day business.”


Theresa Meadows, SVP & CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System, Chapter 2

Theresa Meadows, SVP/CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System

Pediatric EHRs & the functionality gap
Partnering with athenahealth & Meditech
“We really worked hand-in-hand to build that pediatric functionality.”
Challenges with dosing, growth charts & vaccine schedules
Harnessing the power of texting
Innovation in focus — “If we lose sight, nobody will have their eye on the ball.”


Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC, Chapter 2

Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC

UPMC Enterprises — “Incubator of ideas”
“The DNA of UPMC is innovation”
Thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead
Redefining CIO — “My role is to enable great minds to create the future through technology.”
Taking vendor relationships from contractual to strategic
The integrated delivery system model
Population health — “What’s driving it all is analytics”