Theresa Meadows, SVP & CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System, Chapter 2

Theresa Meadows, SVP/CIO, Cook Children’s Health Care System

Pediatric EHRs & the functionality gap
Partnering with athenahealth & Meditech
“We really worked hand-in-hand to build that pediatric functionality.”
Challenges with dosing, growth charts & vaccine schedules
Harnessing the power of texting
Innovation in focus — “If we lose sight, nobody will have their eye on the ball.”


Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC, Chapter 2

Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC

UPMC Enterprises — “Incubator of ideas”
“The DNA of UPMC is innovation”
Thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead
Redefining CIO — “My role is to enable great minds to create the future through technology.”
Taking vendor relationships from contractual to strategic
The integrated delivery system model
Population health — “What’s driving it all is analytics”


Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County, Chapter 1

Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County

About Union Hospital
Early adopter of Meditech 6.1 & scribe functionality
“The organization has embraced the concept.”
Partnership with Meditech — “We have a very clear escalation path.”
MU 2 challenges
Direct messaging with DataMotion
Maryland & Delaware HIEs


You’re Asking Microsoft To Do A Joint Sales Presentation With Oracle?

Scott MacLean, Deputy CIO, Partners HealthCare

Earlier this year, I wrote about an inspiring vendor interaction. I was careful to include a disclaimer that I’m sympathetic to my vendor friends, having worked on that side of the table. I know that our vendors are extremely important, and I spend a significant amount of time each month interacting with them and building […]


It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“So you recommend that your client selects Vendor A for their software implementation, but you don’t insist on it?” I asked the young woman. “Right,” she said. “But from what you told me, Vendor B (their other choice) almost always fails. You said they haven’t had a successful implementation for years?” I asked. “Yes, but […]