Survey Says Remote Monitoring Is On The Radar, But Not An Immediate Priority

Remote Monitoring Programs Are On CIOs' Radars, But Not Alone

Despite numerous reports citing mounting interest in remote monitoring programs, for most CIOs, the technology is still a “nice to have” and not a “must have,” according to the February Snap Survey. While remote monitoring is certainly gaining traction, it will continue to take a backseat to other pressing priorities, the survey found — […]


Contemplating Stage 7, Part 2: Beyond Just Achieving Benchmarks


The real challenge for many organizations will be whether Stage 7 can realistically be achieved with your existing vendors. If you are using a single-vendor approach, like many Epic, Meditech, or Cerner hospitals are, the data elements that need to flow between modules or department clinical applications already exist. The need to use BMV in […]


Contemplating Stage 7, Part I: Reengineering Processes And Securing Buy-in

Jorge Grillo, CIO, Canton-Potsdam Hospital

As an organization that just received HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 recognition, we decided not to rest on our laurels but to fully explore the HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 requirements. We saw Stage 7 as not just recognition that an organization is basically “paperless,” but more importantly, as a commitment to improve patient care and the […]


Turning Strategic Vision Into Tactical Hill Taking

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“You look like hell,” I said. “Yeah,” he said. “That girl I’ve been dating did a number on me.” “Yeah?” I asked, “You mentioned she was kind of unstable.” “I thought I could handle it,” he said, “but unstable turned to downright mean.” “You don’t need that,” I said. “Cut her loose.” “I know. I […]


Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone — And Away From Industry Shows

Steve Huffman, CIO, Beacon Health System

I’m not going to the HIMSS conference this year. Actually, I haven’t been to HIMSS in a few years. Before you think I am throwing one of industry staples out, let me explain. We are sending someone and we are happy HIMSS members, but over the last few years, I have had to completely rethink […]