Charting the Best Course

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

So what does the landscape look like? Consumers are overwhelmed by the current demands … The consumerization of software (BYOD devices and apps) has created infinite demand and high expectations. It’s increasingly difficult to balance supply and demand for IT. Big change management projects in IT are hard on users … … the agenda of […]


What’s Next? Strategic Planning For FY16

John Halamka, MD, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

As we gather together stakeholders for strategic planning of next year’s priorities, what are we hearing and what we have learned? Clinicians are overwhelmed by the current demands of Meaningful Use, hundreds of quality measures, population health, care management, and patient/family engagement. All of these are good ideas individually, but the sum of their requirements […]


George Hickman, EVP & CIO, Albany Medical Center, Chapter 1

George 'Buddy' Hickman, EVP/CIO, Albany Medical Center

About Albany Medical Center
Being a Soarian development site — “There were a lot of fits and starts.”
Siemens-Cerner merger
“There’s a direction there and an investment pattern that’s going to continue.”
Meeting with John Glaser & Kent Gale — “They gave us an early preview of the intended roadmap.”


Is Your Health System The Next Radio Shack?

Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino Consulting

While that may seem like a silly question to some, is it possible that the health system business model has mimicked some of the same mistakes that caused Radio Shack to fail? About eight years ago I met with the president or CEO of Radio Shack regarding an email I had sent him to discuss […]


Gary Barnes, CIO, Medical Center Health System, Chapter 2

Gary Barnes, CIO, Medical Center Health System

Recruiting volunteers to drive portal usage
Restructured capital project committee — “That has been a tremendous improvement.”
Assessing change readiness
From IBM to CIO
Evolution of the role — “It wasn’t the CIO position it is today.”