Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System, Chapter 2

Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System

Revamping security
Cybersecurity talent — “We found it very difficult to recruit those skills.”
Prioritizing by communicating
Information Management Planning Council
Executive support — “Our leadership team is willing to ask questions.”
Starting a consulting company


Ken Deans, VP & CIO, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Ken Deans, VP & CIO, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

Focus on analytics — “Information is what you need to focus on the running the business”
Enterprise 5-year IT strategic plan
“Each year you have to reassess it and be willing to move and change.”
Communication strategy
Timing of MU & Epic go-live
ICD-10 – “America is not prepared for it.”


Keeping One Hand On The Wheel

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

It’s the subject of a best-selling self-improvement book and a classic question all must face: Will what got you here keep you here (if you’re happy with where you are) or get you there (if you yearn for something else)? Now, these are two different cases and must be examined separately, but let’s address the […]


Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC, Chapter 2

Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC

UPMC Enterprises — “Incubator of ideas”
“The DNA of UPMC is innovation”
Thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead
Redefining CIO — “My role is to enable great minds to create the future through technology.”
Taking vendor relationships from contractual to strategic
The integrated delivery system model
Population health — “What’s driving it all is analytics”


How BlackBerry Soured: A Cautionary Tale

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“Damn you, autocorrect!” It happened yet again. I had fallen victim to autocorrect fail, a phenomenon that has spawned several hilarious blogs and Twitter feeds. My iPhone decided that instead of typing, “I have to pick up Gooby” (the nickname my brother has been saddled with since he was a baby), it wrote: “I have […]