It’s Not Always About The Numbers

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“Finish Strong!” read the email’s subject line. It was from one of my old bosses, and addressed what our conduct was to be at an upcoming conference. Specifically, he heard some folks didn’t have many meetings scheduled on the final afternoon of the show, and some were even cutting out a day early. It went […]


Jeffrey Brown, CIO, Lawrence General Hospital, Chapter 4

Jeffrey Brown, Interim CIO, Seattle Children's Hospital (former CIO, Lawrence General Hospital)

Implementing SSO — “It’s really a no-brainer”
Waiting for the dust to settle
His formula for success
The CIO network — “I definitely have a few phone-a-friends”
Teaching at Northeastern & Brandeis
Keeping up with changing healthcare models
“There’s no other place I’d rather be.”


How Hospitals Are Throwing Money Out The Window

Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino Consulting

As a parent, I’ve learned there are two types of tasks — those my children won’t do the first time I ask them, and those they won’t do no matter how many times I ask them. Hospitals have a gazillion business systems. Every business system can include the following three components: people — doing things; processes […]


Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Hawaii Pacific Health, Chapter 1

Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Revenue Management and IT, Hawaii Pacific Health

About Hawaii Pacific
HPH’s 7-year Epic journey — “It was a lot of consolidation work.”
From a $32 million to $57 million price tag
Reducing bad debt — “We knew there was a lot of opportunity”
Communication, trust & transparency
Lingering legacy systems
Cleaning out A/R “is like draining a swamp”


Ed Ricks, VP of Information Services & CIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Chapter 2

Ed Ricks, VP of IS & CIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Budgeting physician satisfiers
Working with Wolters Kluwer’s Provation for order sets
Parting ways with vendors
Working with Medseek on a patient portal
Planning to harness big data
Prognosticating on healthcare reform