Ebola And The Role Of An EHR

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

“EHR Flaw at Core of US Ebola Case.” No CIO could ignore this October 3rd headline. As a CIO, one of our nightmares is that a problem in the systems we implement could cause a major medical error. One of our core missions in health care information technology is to prevent medical errors. The statement blaming […]


Fernando Martinez, SVP & CIO, Parkland Hospital & Health System, Chapter 2

Fernando Martinez, SVP & CIO, Parkland Hospital & Health System

Analytics for disease management
Innovation at a safety-net hospital
Internal & external risk assessments
MU audits — “You design and develop programs knowing you’re going to be audited.”
Building a replacement hospital
“I think it’s probably the best CIO job in the country.”


You’re More Damned If You Don’t

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor, hsCIO.com

“You do realize that we’ve become those people, right?” I asked my husband. “Which people?” “The ones who hightail it to the store and stock up on milk when there’s snow in the forecast.” It happens every time one of the many radar systems detects a few flurries (which is quite often when you live […]


Frank Fear, VP & CIO, Memorial Healthcare, Chapter 2

Frank Fear, VP & CIO, Memorial Healthcare

Being a smaller organization — “We can be a lot more nimble”
Minimizing failures through risk analysis
Enterprise vs best-of-breed
Strategic planning — “It’s not all CIO-driven”
Upgrading to Meditech 5.6.6
Getting “creative” with portal adoption


Stopping Three Feet From Gold

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief, hsCIO.com

“We love that new place. The food is amazing,” said my friend, “but I’m a little concerned they’re going to change things.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well, we ran into one of the waitresses who said the owner was frustrated that it was a little slow, and so she was thinking of converting […]