Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System, Chapter 1

Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System

About CarePoint
Upgrading to the newest Meditech version — “Staying where you are is not a good business decision.”
eClinicalWorks in owned practices
Data-sharing hurdles — “They certainly don’t make it easy for us.”
Creating a defined risk management process
“Now it happens as a matter of our day-to-day business.”


Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System, Chapter 2

Patty Lavely, SVP & CIO, Gwinnett Health System

Revamping security
Cybersecurity talent — “We found it very difficult to recruit those skills.”
Prioritizing by communicating
Information Management Planning Council
Executive support — “Our leadership team is willing to ask questions.”
Starting a consulting company


Can You Stand It?

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

The response was exciting — a definite “yes” to a proposal I’d put out there, something I’d pitched many times and racked up a pretty good track record getting participation for. As usual, I could have left well enough alone because I wasn’t thinking of anything more, but this time was different. This time, I […]


Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Chapter 3

Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

Security — “the biggest pie in the sky”
Cyber insurance, testing & implementing the right tools
Data loss prevention — “Get ready for the big punch”
Boston Children’s hack attack
Innovation — “We’re able to be as agile as possible.”
Lifesaving mobile EKG reader


Julie Bonello, CIO, Access Community Health Network, Chapter 1

Julie Bonello, CIO, ACCESS Community Health Network

About Access Community Health (35 care centers, provider service agreements with 12 hospitals)
“Care coordination is what we do.”
Epic since 2009
HealthCura ACE — 1 year of planning
3 different levels of risk stratification
Community provider portal
IT as an enabler — “There is no magic bullet.”