Randy Gaboriault, SVP & CIO, Christiana Care Health System, Chapter 2

Randy Gaboriault, CIO & SVP of Innovation and Strategic Development, Christiana Care Health System

Reporting/BI vs. true analytics
CMMI grant to reduce readmissions
“Healthcare is really underutilizing big data.”
The flawed approach to analytics
Embedded teams that “live, breathe and understand the problem.”
Fostering innovation
Time management challenge — “How do we flip-flop that?”


Chronic Care Reinvented: Leveraging Paramedicine To Reduce Readmissions

David Glendenning, EMS Education and Outreach Coordinator, New Hanover Regional MC

Sometimes real change in health care comes not from innovating or redesigning existing models of care, but from considering a problem from a completely new point of view. One solution that fits this description and is currently gaining traction around the nation is Community Paramedicine, a care delivery model that leverages the untapped resource of […]


Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Chapter 2

Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

Consistent voice with community docs – “We all say the same thing.”
Patient alerts — “They’re starting to see the benefits.”
Building excitement around data analytics
Hudson Valley’s core initiative
Getting innovative with bus routes
Breaking down silos
“It’s trying to figure out, what can we do next?”


Michael Martz, CIO, Meadville Medical Center, Chapter 2

Michael Martz, CIO, Meadville Medical Center

Thoughts on MU — “It’s given us better information on the patient.”
Using health coaches
Meds reconciliation — “It was wrong about 98 percent of the time”
Reducing readmissions & ED visits
Standalone hospital in a large IDN world
Being a “major economic force” in the area


Fernando Martinez, SVP & CIO, Parkland Hospital & Health System, Chapter 1

Fernando Martinez, SVP & CIO, Parkland Hospital & Health System

About Parkland
“Primarily an Epic shop”
Attesting to MU stage 2
Safety net hospitals & care transitions
Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI)
Reducing readmissions using predictive analytics
Focus on innovation — “I feel very privileged to be here.”