Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Hawaii Pacific Health, Chapter 1

Steve Robertson, EVP & CIO, Revenue Management and IT, Hawaii Pacific Health

About Hawaii Pacific
HPH’s 7-year Epic journey — “It was a lot of consolidation work.”
From a $32 million to $57 million price tag
Reducing bad debt — “We knew there was a lot of opportunity”
Communication, trust & transparency
Lingering legacy systems
Cleaning out A/R “is like draining a swamp”


Edward Martinez, SVP/CIO, Miami Children’s Hospital, Chapter 2

Edward Martinez, SVP & CIO, Miami Children's Hospital

Managing massive projects at the current rate of change
“Part of being a CIO today is knowing when to say, ‘Enough is enough, we can’t go any further’”
The daunting revenue cycle system change
Making the big calls, taking risks
“I’d rather have the discuss with the board about why we made a certain mistake and how we corrected it, then why we didn’t do anything”


KLAS: Looking Outside For Revenue Cycle Services


As part of an ongoing strategy to meet Meaningful Use requirements and cut costs, a growing number of providers are turning to revenue cycle services, according to a new report from KLAS — Revenue Cycle Services: Which Firms Deliver Big Returns. The study found that ICD-10 preparation and reduced reimbursements are also contributing to the […]


Michael O’Rourke, SVP/CIO, Catholic Health Initiatives, Chapter 1

Michael O'Rourke, SVP/CIO, Catholic Health Initiatives

About CHI (76 hospitals in 19 states)
Weighing in on federal legislation
Thoughts on the ICD-10 postponement
Lessons of 5010
Dangers of disrupting the revenue cycle


Jim Noga, CIO, Partners HealthCare, Chapter 1

Jim Noga, CIO, Partners HealthCare

Reevaluating the overall clinicals situation
“We really see the need to take more of an enterprise approach”
Where to buy, where to build?
“We see a real gap in the marketplace of clinical collaboration tools”
Running a software development shop
Staying strategic when there’s so much to do
Security and BYOD strategies