Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Chapter 2

Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

The evolving CIO role
“Analytics is not the answer; it’s a large part of the answer.”
Data-driven decision making
Selling the board on analytics — “It’s important to build consensus.”
The CIO’s many hats
Portal adoption is “fundamental and pivotal in terms of population management.”
Learning from Google, Apple & Walmart


What It Means When The Phones Are Ringing

Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino Consulting

His colleague asked the physician, “How is it that you are able to see 10 times as many patients each day as the rest of us?” “You guys spend too much time meeting with patients and asking them questions. I do Facebook Care. I just look at their picture on Facebook, and if I don’t […]


Sheri Rawlings, CIO, San Juan Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Sheri Rawlings, CIO, San Juan Regional Medical Center

GE Centricity in owned practices
Clinicians in the driver’s seat — “I allowed and encouraged them to make the selection.”
IT as consultants, not owners
Lack of ROI in HIEs
Patient engagement obstacles
“We never intended to chase the dollar.”
Thoughts on MU – “I don’t think it achieved near what they thought it would.”


Michele Zeigler, VP of IS & CIO, Summit Health, Chapter 2

Michele Zeigler, VP of IS & CIO, Summit Health

90-plus interviews to improve strategic planning — “50 percent talked about data.”
Data & Analytics Governance Committee
Creating dashboards — “It’s an exciting journey.”
Plan, Do, Study, Act
The art of customization—“We only have so many resources.”
Taking Aspen’s model & ‘Summitizing’ it
Patient & provider engagement survey


Chris Belmont, VP & CIO, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Chapter 3


Customized engagement — “In cancer care, a lot of people want that personal touch.”
Networking to help “to avoid the speed bumps”
Collaborative mentorship — “I’m a big fan of growing the talent you have.”
The “variety” of being a vendor & consultant
Vendor management
“We’re doing good things. The industry as a whole is getting better.”