Tom Pacek, VP & CIO, Inspira Health Network, Chapter 1

Tom Pacek, VP & CIO, Inspira Health Network

About Inspira
Soarian in hospitals, ambulatory migrating to Cerner
Physician bakeoff to select a system
Inspira’s “enterprise mentality”
MU attestation on physician side — “The biggest gap is the patients.”
Onsite portal signups & tests
“You can’t control the patient; the best you can do is educate them and get them engaged.”


Randy Gaboriault, SVP & CIO, Christiana Care Health System, Chapter 3

Randy Gaboriault, CIO & SVP of Innovation and Strategic Development, Christiana Care Health System

Transitioning to an “entirely new business model”
Core competencies of healthcare
The “Holy Grail” of patient engagement
Identifying the “ticking time bombs”
Background in manufacturing — “I don’t fit the mold whatsoever.”
Biggest challenge for CIOs
His role as “energy source and the communication leader.”


Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC, Chapter 3

Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC

Creating a PCMH
Leveraging analytics to arm docs with “more precise info”
From payer CIO to system-wide CIO
Having a “total 100 percent vision of what’s happening”
Trends in M&A
Evolent Health initiative
“We have a lot of opportunity ahead of us & we’re in a good place to make the change happen.”


Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System, Chapter 2

Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System

Focus on portals — “How can we make it seem like an engine?”
Internally marketing initiatives
Security — “No matter what we do, it’ll always be a when, not an if.”
Data loss prevention
Culture changes
Lessons in leadership — “We got really creative at making things work.”
“I care about the people before I care about the technology.”


Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County, Chapter 2

Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County

Success of CRISP — “They listen to the folks that are doing the work on a daily basis.”
Preparing for ICD-10 & computer-assisted coding
Improving workflow — “It can be very labor intensive”
“Fragmented” portals
Working with AT&T and Vivify to create Bluetooth-enabled kits
“It has to be a clinical-IT partnership.”