Inspiration Is Everywhere

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“Tell me something good,” I said to my husband. I was grieving the loss of my older brother, who passed away earlier this year after a two-year battle with cancer, and I needed to hear something positive. And so Dan, who lost his mother to cancer seven years ago, indulged me by talking about the […]


Sales, Scapegoats & The Senseless Blame Game

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

As soon as I turned the corner into the parking lot, I knew I’d made a big mistake. The first thing that gave it away was the presence of several news vans in front of the store. The second was the line of people being filmed by the folks who came out of those news […]


Technology, Where Are All The Women?

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

I have been hesitant to talk about women’s issues here, but I’ve been encouraged to do so by many women colleagues. They tell me I have a platform, so use it! Young women tell me that I, a female CIO, am a role model and that they want to learn from me. I’ll be doing an […]


The Gift Of Humility

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

After 16 years of marriage, this man found himself divorced, jobless, and homeless. As he was telling his story, I just couldn’t believe it. He looked great — well-dressed, happy, and well-fed. He told his compelling story at a men’s group I participate in every Friday morning. He had some people in his life who […]


Chad Eckes, CIO, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Chapter 3

Chad Eckes, CIO, Wake Forest Baptist Health

Laying the groundwork to innovate — “It’s a matter of prioritizing resources and time.”
Outsourcing service desk & support
Empowering the staff — “Who here has had a great idea that was not accepted?”
Private cloud infrastructure
From 60 days to mere hours to provision new systems
Managing resistance