Navigating The Road From Outside

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“Another promotion?” I wrote to my friend after seeing his updated status on LinkedIn. “For some reason, they felt it was a good decision to put me in charge of an $85 million product line (the biggest one the organization has),” he wrote back. “We’ll see how this one goes.” First off, you know you’ve […]


Staff Retention And The “Like”

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“Looks like it’s going to happen over the weekend,” said my (then) coworker Laura. Normally shy and reserved, she was visibly excited on this particular day about three years ago. As a result of her tireless efforts, the publication’s Facebook page was about to hit 10,000 “likes.” It was certainly an impressive milestone, but her […]


Survey Finds Staff Turnover Isn’t All About Money

CIOs: It Takes More Than a Raise to Retain Top Talent.

Talented IT professionals are testing the waters, and finding that climate is extremely inviting. According to the October Snap Survey, nearly a third of CIOs say their organization has experienced higher staff turnover in the past 12 months than in previous years, and it has leaders concerned. As a result, many executive teams are […]


Russell Branzell, President & CEO, CHIME, Chapter 2

Russell Branzell, President & CEO, CHIME

Creating “a partnership and facilitation mindset”
New org to provide training, networking & advocacy for CSOs
“CIOs are getting even more concerned.”
Plans to expand LEAD
2014 Fall Forum
Best practice sharing — “Everyone is looking for the silver bullet.”


Ken Gilles, Associate CIO, Essentia Health, Chapter 3

Ken Gilles, CIO, West Region, and Associate Corporate CIO, Essentia Health

Patient engagement touch points
From programmer to CIO — “I’ve always wanted to be in a leadership position”
Lessons learned from M&A
Working with Dennis Dassenko
Balancing regional & system roles
“The pace of the change just continues to ratchet up.”