Be Original

Bill Rieger, CIO, Flagler Hospital

You are not original! In spite of the title of this blog post, you are not original, nor would I encourage you to try and be original. There is nothing new under the sun — you have probably heard that before. In the natural world, that is true. Scientists may not have discovered every species […]


Working For Vacation

Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,

“You’re taking a picture so you can prove that you’re working?” the man at the next table laughed. “Absolutely,” I kidded. “That’ll be good for tax purposes,” joked his wife. “Good idea,” I smiled. “I’ll send it to my accountant too.” There’s my lead, I thought, as I rushed back to my seat to start […]


Survey: CIOs Can Play – But It Takes Work

CIOs Are Getting Away - Even If They Still Check In

There’s nothing easy about getting out of the office, but CIOs are doing it. According to the July SnapSurvey, the vast majority (92 percent) of respondents plan to take a vacation this year. One CIO said spending time away is a “survival tactic” in today’s hectic health IT environment, and another stated that work-life […]


What I Learned As A Young CIO

Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, St Luke’s Hospital & Health Network

Being a young CIO has many advantages and probably even more opportunities — or as some would say, disadvantages. Do you remember the first time you presented to the board or the first time you were nailed by the executives for an issue or maybe even when something failed? What matters is what you do […]


I’m Not The Show

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

It was the day before my editor started her vacation, and my colleagues and I were getting nothing done. We each had to map everything we planned to do the following week and go through it with her — in excruciating detail. She then reviewed every possible scenario that might come up in her absence, […]