Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System, Chapter 2

Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System

Focus on portals — “How can we make it seem like an engine?”
Internally marketing initiatives
Security — “No matter what we do, it’ll always be a when, not an if.”
Data loss prevention
Culture changes
Lessons in leadership — “We got really creative at making things work.”
“I care about the people before I care about the technology.”


Mitzi Cardenas, SVP & CIO, Truman Medical Centers, Chapter 3

Mitzi Cardenas, SVP of Strategy, Business Development and Performance Integration & CIO, Truman Medical Centers

Marketing IT successes
IT’s seat at the governance table
Added job title — “It’s like getting recognition for things you’re already doing.
Addressing the workforce shortage
The Stage 7 curse
CIO job security
“Work and life become the same thing.”


Maggie Ratliff, VP & CIO, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Chapter 1

Maggie Ratliff, VP/CIO, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

About Sarah Bush Lincoln
From the city to the country
Reaping the benefits of a small organization — “We have autonomy to do what we need to do.”
Keys to a smooth transition
Walking in to budget talks
Internal IT marketing


Frank DiSanzo, CIO, St. Peter’s Healthcare System, Chapter 2

Frank DiSanzo, Chief Information & Strategy Officer, St. Peter’s HealthCare System

EHR rollouts & revenue loss
Managing clinician expectations
A culture of inclusion —“In the interest of transparency…”
Being proactive about educating patients
Jersey Health Connect
RelayHealth’s cloud-based solution
CIOs “leaving our differences at the door”


A Piece Of The Pie

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor,

“I hate LinkedIn,” my friend said. “I feel like I’m just blatantly tooting my own horn. ‘Hey, look how great I am!’” “I know what you mean,” I said. “I might as well write, ‘I’m hard-working, smart, resourceful, ambitious, and of course, humble.’” I still remember the conversation my friend Emily and I had a […]