The Issues That Elicit Fear and Frustration Among CIOs

Bonnie Siegel, Healthcare IT Recruiter, Witt/Kieffer

The HIMSS14 annual conference and exhibition was an enormous and exhausting event, and yet it was a wonderful way to renew acquaintances in the industry and to connect in-person with new health IT professionals. Thank you to the several folks I met at the conference who said they read and appreciate my blog. Since […]


Marc Chasin, MD, CIO & CMIO, St. Luke’s Health System, Chapter 2

Marc Chasin, MD, CIO & CMIO, St. Luke's Health System

Selling the board on integration
Using metrics to “move the needle”
Concerns about HIE sustainability
Driving change — “I have to be involved.”
Goal of going from 4 portals to 1
“Staggering” adoption numbers


Edward Babakanian, CIO, UC San Diego Health System, Chapter 3

Edward Babakanian, CIO, UC San Diego Health System

Expanding image access with Merge iConnect
“People expect to be able to do online healthcare.”
Piloting telemedicine with managed care patients
A culture of innovation — “It’s really about collaboration.”
San Diego’s connected community
“Don’t limit yourself to being an IT person.”
His parenting philosphy


Sonya Christian, CIO, West Georgia Health System, Chapter 1

Sonya Christian, CIO, West Georgia Health System

About West Georgia Health
Being an early adopter — “We have the ear of the developers”
Balancing her team’s “competitive spirit” with a dose of practicality
The “on-ramp” to the Georgia HIN
Expanding data exchange beyond owned practices
Portal education during discharge


Scott Mash, CIO, O’Bleness Health System, Chapter 2

Scott Mash, CIO, O'Bleness Health System

Getting practice by implementing Paragon
M&A trends — “Independents are going to be a thing of the past.”
Tapping into Ohio Health’s buying power
Wearing multiple IT hats
Positioning for innovation
CliniSync HIE
Ohio’s Paragon user group — “We bounce ideas off each other.”