David Lundal, SVP & CIO, Presence Health, Chapter 2

David Lundal, System VP & CIO, Presence Health

The “huge challenge” for CIOs
Staff appreciation — “Everyone is overworked.”
IT governance & “black holes”
From idea to business case to decision
“We have a lot of different initiatives, but not a coherent strategy.”
Managing multiple portals
Clinical integration platform for HIE


Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, Chapter 1

Cletis Earle, VP & CIO, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

About St. Luke’s Cornwall
Meditech Magic 5.6.6
Consolidation & mergers in New York
Community docs — “It became unsustainable trying to connect with the one-offs.”
RHIO as primary HIE
IT managed services organization
The CIO road show — “It helps alleviate some of the anxieties.”


Kyle Johnson, SVP & CIO, Eastern Maine Healthcare, Chapter 1

Kyle Johnson, SVP & CIO, Eastern Maine HealthCare

About Eastern Maine
Cerner in hospitals, GE Centricity in ambulatory
Clinician engagement — “We’re looking to take it to the next level.”
Maine’s “robust” HIE
Building a successful ACO — “You have to really understand the operation.”
Shared services across the organization
“How can we do things in a more efficient and more effective way?”


A New View Of EHRs

Dan Morreale, President, NJ HIMSS (former CIO, Riverside Healthcare System)

I woke from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning with a start. I made a mistake. Not that being wrong was a new and alien concept to me, but the question that crawled out of the fogs of sleep, was terrible and appalling. I was chagrined at my stupidity, and whispered […]


Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer, UVA Health System, Chapter 2

Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Univ. Virginia Health System

Big plans for big data
“It’s starting to bear fruit”
Predictive analytics in the NICU
UVA’s Data Sciences Institute
Starting an ACO to “transform the way we operate across the board”
Acquiring Culpeper Regional
ConnectVA & Epic Care Everywhere