How Google Glass Is Changing One Hospital’s Vision

John Halamka, MD, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

I’m now able to publicly write about the work that Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has been doing with the start-up, Wearable Intelligence. We’ve been working over the past 4 months on pilots that I believe will improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care through the integration of wearable technology such as Google […]


Jake Dorst, CIO, Meritus Health, Chapter 1

Jake Dorst, CIO, Tahoe Forest Hospital District

About Meritus
Meditech in inpatient, Allscripts in outpatient
Data sharing with CRISP
Using Empower to create a unified patient record
“One goal at a time”
Physician advisory meetings
Piloting PatientTouch in a small department — “We could control it better.”


Michael Elley, CIO, Cox Medical Center Branson, Chapter 2

Michael Elley, CIO, Owensboro Health

Super-users & key stakeholders
Resource planning with McKesson’s BI tools
T-System’s Care Continuity solution
From 11.5% readmissions to 7.8% in 2 months — “It’s already had a profound effect on our organization.”
Attesting to MU using the ED-only method


Lee Powe, CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Chapter 1

Lee Powe, CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

About Hugh Chatham
CPSI at the core, Medhost in the ED
Skipping the warm-up & jumping right into the CIO role
Patch Tuesdays — “We’re constantly fixing something.”
Weighing privacy and sanitation issues with palm vein scanning
Iris biometrics — “I liked the cutting-edge technology”
Attesting to MU


KLAS: ED Docs Prefer Best-of-Breed Systems

ED Docs Prefer Best-of-Breed, Says KLAS

When it comes to emergency department information systems (EDIS), physician satisfaction with best-of-breed systems is 59 percent higher than enterprise systems, according to a new KLAS report — EDIS 2013: Revealing the Physicians’ Voice. Physicians cited better clinical decision support, overall usability, and accuracy of documentation as the primary drivers of satisfaction in the study, […]