David Baker, VP of IT, St. Joseph Health, Chapter 3

David Baker, VP of IS, St. Joseph Health

Innovation Institute’s Shark Tank sessions
“Ever-maturing” security roadmap
Taking a page from finance
“Blend of responsibilities” as VP of IT
From “cutthroat” industries to healthcare — “I wasn’t sure what to expect”
Rounding & interacting with the staff
Building a diverse team


Randy Gaboriault, SVP & CIO, Christiana Care Health System, Chapter 3

Randy Gaboriault, CIO & SVP of Innovation and Strategic Development, Christiana Care Health System

Transitioning to an “entirely new business model”
Core competencies of healthcare
The “Holy Grail” of patient engagement
Identifying the “ticking time bombs”
Background in manufacturing — “I don’t fit the mold whatsoever.”
Biggest challenge for CIOs
His role as “energy source and the communication leader.”


Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC, Chapter 3

Ed McCallister, SVP & CIO, UPMC

Creating a PCMH
Leveraging analytics to arm docs with “more precise info”
From payer CIO to system-wide CIO
Having a “total 100 percent vision of what’s happening”
Trends in M&A
Evolent Health initiative
“We have a lot of opportunity ahead of us & we’re in a good place to make the change happen.”


Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System, Chapter 3

Sarah Richardson, CIO, NCH Healthcare System

The right way to motivate — “How can we get to first?”
Cooperative competition
“You have to meet people where they are.”
Recognizing IT’s “unsung heroes”
Weeding out underperformers — “I took a hard-line approach.”
Knowing when to move on
Volunteer work — “You have to give back.”


It’s Not Always About Timing

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor, hsCIO.com

“They offered me a promotion,” I told my husband. And yet, the expression on my face didn’t exude any excitement. It was clear I didn’t want to take it. Things had been going downhill at my company for a while, and the offer of more money and increased responsibility was too little, too late. “They’ll […]