Kyle Johnson, SVP & CIO, Eastern Maine Healthcare, Chapter 3

Kyle Johnson, SVP & CIO, Eastern Maine HealthCare

Major M&A at CHE Trinity — “When is large too large?”
Data management as a differentiator in mergers
Acquiring Mercy — “There’s a lot of heavy lifting that has to go on.”
When it’s time for a change — “You have to be really ready, and I was.”
Size versus agility
Cultural fit — “If you pick wrong, it can be pretty miserable”


Julie Bonello, CIO, Access Community Health Network, Chapter 3

Julie Bonello, CIO, ACCESS Community Health Network

Staff retention — providing “great growth opportunities.”
Role of IT in improving care
Referral flow between hospitals and specialists
Background in nursing, researching & consulting
Aligning with community health centers — “That’s where all of us are beginning to migrate.”
The unique opportunity for today’s CIOs


Technology, Where Are All The Women?

Sue Schade, CIO, University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers

I have been hesitant to talk about women’s issues here, but I’ve been encouraged to do so by many women colleagues. They tell me I have a platform, so use it! Young women tell me that I, a female CIO, am a role model and that they want to learn from me. I’ll be doing an […]


Chad Eckes, CIO, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Chapter 4

Chad Eckes, CIO, Wake Forest Baptist Health

High cost of archiving data
Project Sunset
Advisory councils for prioritization
“I’m blessed in this enterprise for having very active partners.”
Balancing strategic initiatives with operational needs
ITS organizational structure
“The most important draw here was the people.”


Michael Skvarenina, VP & CIO, Holy Name Medical Center, Chapter 3

Michael Skvarenina, VP & CIO, Holy Name Medical Center

Multiple patient portals — “It’s really not user-friendly.”
Acting CIO for nearly a decade
From vendor to provider side
“I’ve never let go of software design and development”
WebHIS blog
“With passion, anything is possible”
Holy Name’s development “Dream Team”