Owning Past Mistakes

Kate Huvane Gamble, Managing Editor, hsCIO.com

“I don’t know how you do it.” It’s a phrase every working mother has heard, and it’s one that can be quite deceiving. Because while there are times it’s meant as a compliment, it often takes on a doubting tone — “I don’t know how you can do both jobs effectively.” If you’ve never heard […]


Panel Discussion: The Young CIO, Part 1

Bryan Bliven, CIO, University of Missouri Health Care

4 paths to CIO
Youth vs experience — “You could be young and still have decision-making skills.”
Bringing in “fresh ideas”
Think globally — “Understanding the business is a big key component for all future CIOs.”
The ever-evolving learning curve
From interim to full-time CIO — “Show me you’re doing the role.”
“I had to be really a good listener.”


James Wellman, CIO, Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Chapter 3

James Wellman, CIO, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

VNA initiative with Merge
Building a “mutually beneficial partnership” with Integris Health
From part-time desktop tech to CIO
Transitioning to management — “It’s not easy”
His wake-up call — “I needed to trust the people who were working for me.”
Change management without demoralizing the staff
“If you really enjoy it, it’s not drudgery or work.”


Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Chapter 3

Gene Thomas, VP & CIO, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport

His career path, from tech to healthcare
Busted by the dot-com bubble
“Don’t let the data fool you.”
Budget constraints
Data security — “You need to lock down your systems.”
Interoperability & the square peg
“It’s not a technology issue. It’s an issue of standards.”


Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, St. Luke’s University Health Network, Chapter 3

Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, St Luke’s Hospital & Health Network

‘Laser focus’ on innovation
Prioritization — “I haven’t been in a place that doesn’t struggle with it.”
200 IT projects
Growing through the ranks at Christus — “It was a great learning ground.”
Being part of a “major EHR consolidation”
Choosing St. Luke’s — “I knew they were ready for a change within IT.”