Kristin Darby, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chapter 2

Kristin Darby, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Patient engagement & entertainment platform
Personalized treatment
Rebuilding analytics — “It requires a heavy IT investment.”
Using consultants
Staff engagement — “It’s incredibly important to me.”
Rounding & face-to-face talks to “feel the pulse of the facility.”


Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System, Chapter 2

Joel Taylor, SVP & CIO, CarePoint Health System

3 steps to coordinated care
Attesting to MU 2
Engaging with elderly patients — “It’s a struggle.”
Waiting on HIEs and ACOs — “There are a lot of decisions to be made before going down that path.”
IT staff of 130
Leadership strategy – “Hire the right people.”


Bring A Laptop To Your Next Doctor’s Appointment

Dale Sanders, SVP for Strategy, Health Catalyst (former CIO, Cayman Islands HSA)

When I started teaching at Northwestern in 2005, it had been a quite a few years since I’d been in an academic setting for anything other than guest lectures. In the time that had expired towards 2005, the students all had laptops and the classrooms had WiFi. I thought the student were taking notes and […]


Ken Deans, VP & CIO, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Chapter 2

Ken Deans, VP & CIO, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

Focus on analytics — “Information is what you need to focus on the running the business”
Enterprise 5-year IT strategic plan
“Each year you have to reassess it and be willing to move and change.”
Communication strategy
Timing of MU & Epic go-live
ICD-10 – “America is not prepared for it.”


Randy Gaboriault, SVP & CIO, Christiana Care Health System, Chapter 2

Randy Gaboriault, CIO & SVP of Innovation and Strategic Development, Christiana Care Health System

Reporting/BI vs. true analytics
CMMI grant to reduce readmissions
“Healthcare is really underutilizing big data.”
The flawed approach to analytics
Embedded teams that “live, breathe and understand the problem.”
Fostering innovation
Time management challenge — “How do we flip-flop that?”