Chris Belmont, VP & CIO, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Chapter 2


Rolling out Epic… again
The power of hindsight — “Things go through a traditional life cycle and you can expect it.”
Moon Shots Program
Training Watson “to think like an oncologist”
Structured data & finding “gold nuggets of knowledge.”
Patient experience — “We can always do better.”


Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer, UVA Health System, Chapter 2

Rick Skinner, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Univ. Virginia Health System

Big plans for big data
“It’s starting to bear fruit”
Predictive analytics in the NICU
UVA’s Data Sciences Institute
Starting an ACO to “transform the way we operate across the board”
Acquiring Culpeper Regional
ConnectVA & Epic Care Everywhere


What Population Health Snapshots Are Missing

Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino Consulting

What if a hospital CIO could take the lead role in making population health management successful? Not through implementing some package, but by being the thought leader and delivering far more than a dashboard and analytics. What would thought leadership around population health look like? One way to answer the question is by arriving at the […]


David Chou, CIO, University Of Mississippi Medical Center, Chapter 2

David Chou, CIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Creating a model for expansion
Data analytics on the radar
Branding UMMC as “a place where you want to be”
Pros and cons of being a young CIO
IT’s seat at the table
Rethinking BYOD — “We’re going to allow some flexibility”
Golf, sports & family


The 7 Simple Practices Of Data Governance

Dale Sanders, SVP for Strategy, Health Catalyst (former CIO, Cayman Islands HSA)

Data is now one of the most valuable assets in any healthcare organization, especially as we transition into a more analytically driven industry. Data is the longest lasting asset in any organization, outliving facilities, devices and people. In the past few years, as the value and longevity of data have become better realized, the term […]