Crafting A Next Generation IT Strategy

John Halamka, MD, CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

During my 16 years as CIO, I’ve witnessed the transition from client server to web, from desktops to mobile, and from locally hosted to cloud. As Beth Israel Deaconess merges and acquires more hospitals, more practices, and more care management capabilities, what are its strategic IT choices? I will not even mention “best of breed,” because […]


Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, CIO & VP for Medical Informatics, Duke Medicine, Chapter 1

Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, CIO & VP for Medical Informatics, Duke Medicine

About Duke Medicine
Epic in ambulatory & hospitals
Applying lessons learned to subsequent rollouts
Challenges with access privileges — “People didn’t have all the security rights they needed.”
Post go-live support “when the shiny newness wears off”
Rapid cycle improvement


Contemplating Stage 7, Part 2: Beyond Just Achieving Benchmarks


The real challenge for many organizations will be whether Stage 7 can realistically be achieved with your existing vendors. If you are using a single-vendor approach, like many Epic, Meditech, or Cerner hospitals are, the data elements that need to flow between modules or department clinical applications already exist. The need to use BMV in […]


Frank Fear, VP & CIO, Memorial Healthcare, Chapter 1

Frank Fear, VP & CIO, Memorial Healthcare

About Memorial Healthcare
Competition with nearby cities
Integrated system vs best-of-breed
Meditech in the hospital, Allscripts in ambulatory
Getting practices on one EHR — “It’s been a long road.”
Memorial’s rollout methodology


Jonathan Goldberg, VP of IT & CIO, St. Peter’s Health Partners, Chapter 3

Jonathan Goldberg, VP of IS & CIO, St. Peter's Health Partners

HIEs in upstate NY
“We’ll always have multiple systems. That’s a reality.”
Frustration with portals — “I’m not sure the patients know what they want.”
CareLogistics for patient flow
A “major transformation” in clinical care
IT rounding
Avoiding the “flavor-of-the-day” mentally