A Systems Engineering Approach to Biomed Informatics

The field of biomedical is full of acronyms — CPOE, HIE, EMR, HL7 — that may be interesting to IT professionals, but merely connote longer days, multiple logins and frustration for clinicians. While people in “healthcare” love it concept of CPOE, physicians feel it slow them down and turns them from docs into secretaries. I recently gave a ground rounds to our large children’s hospital to explain how biomedical informatics is evolving. There is a plan in my mind of how CPOE, HIE, etc., can come together leveraging bar code medication administration and actionable alerts, to prevent beside safety issues and improve care. What will also emerge is quality reporting which can provide data for large scale research.


Dissecting Physician Resistance to CPOE

Timothy Hartzog, M.D., Medical Director of IT, Medical University of South Carolina

After spending the last 4 years, designing, planning, and implementing Computerized Physician Order Entry and closed loop medication at a large university hospital — covering neonatal to geriatric patients — few articles have served me better than reading the work of Dr. Dean Sittig and Dr. Joan Ash on how CPOE changes physician-nurse workflows and […]