Community Hospitals And The Big Data Disservice

Daniel Morreale, VP/CIO, Riverside Healthcare System

It’s funny how seemingly incongruous events can converge and bring about an “aha” experience. You know aha experiences. Those funny little brain burps when synapses cascade and create new meaning, solve problems and lead, if we are lucky, to new ideas and solutions. We all have them. Individuals that have a lot of them are […]


My Journey To Professional Oblivion And Back Again

Daniel Morreale, VP/CIO, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

“We have decided to make a change in IT leadership.” Not exactly the words you want to hear on a Wednesday afternoon. But I knew it was coming, so it was not a surprise. First off, it was a Wednesday and my CEO always fired people on a Wednesday. Secondly, he and I were a […]