How do you decide who to interview?

At healthsystemCIO.com, we interview hospital and health system CIOs, along with a few select hospital-side IT executives.

Do you accept contributed content?

If you are a hospital or health system IT executive (CIO, CTO, managing director, etc) interested in writing a piece for publication, please contact Managing Editor Kate Gamble before you start writing. We do not accept articles that are already in final form. We also do not accept inquiries or submissions from third-parties. Exceptions:

  • Before the above policy went into effect, some bloggers were taken on who were not provider-side IT executives. Those individuals have been grandfathered into the program and may continue posting.
  • Bonnie Siegel, Senior Associate, Witt/Kieffer
  • Paul Roemer, CEO, Pale Rhino
  • Rich Temple, VP of Provider Solutions, HighPoint Solutions
  • Vince Ciotti, Principal, HISPros
  • Executives who began contributing content to healthsystemCIO.com while on the provider side, but have since left that role, may continue contributing.
  • John Schrenker, former CIO, Lakeside Health System, now Assistant Professor & Program Director, Health Information Administration, Roberts Wesleyan College
  • Gerry Higgins, Ph.D., MBA, MS, former Director of Translational Informatics, Johns Hopkins Medicine, now VP, Pharmacogenomic Science
    AssureRx Health, Inc.
  • Dale Sanders, CIO, National Health Services Authority, Cayman Islands (now also Senior VP, Health Catalyst)
  • Drex DeFord, former CIO, Steward Health Care & Seattle Children’s Hospital; former CEO, Next Wave Connect
  • Brian Ahier, former Healthcare IT Evangelist, Mid-Columbia Medical Center, now Director of Standards and Government Affairs, Medicity
  • Dave Miller, former CIO & Vice Chancellor for IT, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, now CIO, Optimum Healthcare IT

How can vendors “work with you”?

healthsystemCIO.com is interested in interviewing health system or hospital CIOs who we have not interviewed before. If, as a vendor, a hospital has contracted to use your products or services, and the CIO is willing to do a wide-ranging interview about industry trends — along with their strategic objectives and most pressing challenges — feel free to contact us. While your product or service will come up in the discussion, the interview will not be centered around it. Please review our CIO Advisory/Survey Panel and, if you do not see the name you intend to propose for an interview, contact us.

What should interviewees know about how the process works?

healthsystemCIO.com adheres to all standard journalistic practices. As such, specific questions are not provided before the interview. Sources are encouraged to review past interviews to gain an idea of what types of topics may be covered. Formal interviews usually run between 35 and 50 minutes, are always considered “on the record” and are not subject to review or revision by the interviewee. Of course, if an interviewee notices a factual error upon publication, we will immediately correct it. All interviews are run in the Q&A format – both text and Podcast form.

How do Podcasts work?

Podcasts are audio recordings of interviews which take place on a healthsystemCIO.com conference line. These audio files are minimally edited before publication. Listeners can enjoy our Podcasts on the healthsystemCIO.com site or subscribe to our feed in iTunes.

Do you produce an editorial calendar?

We do not. In fact, we believe they negatively impact editorial quality by requiring the coverage of old topics, regardless of whether they are still the most relevant.

What is your policy on editorial/sponsorship separation?

We guarantee complete separation between editorial content and sponsorship. Our clear editorial policies make this promise easy to keep.