KLAS: Smart Pumps Must Learn EMR Integration

KLAS Finds Smart Pump/EMR Integration Lacking

“Despite years of discussion and promises,” KLAS reports that fewer than 10 providers in the country are doing EMR integration with their smart pump vendors, even though over half consider it key to future pump selection.

Report author Coray Tate commented, “Providers are looking at EMR integration as the next big step to make infusions safer. Drug libraries catch most errors, but mistakes can still be made.”

In addition, only 60 percent of providers are live on wireless technology, which is required for EMR integration. Those using wireless pumps were reportedly much more likely to be using smart pump report data and monitoring drug library compliance. Tate mentioned, “Without wireless you don’t know what you don’t know. You are essentially static and your ability to adjust your libraries and processes is greatly reduced. Getting to wireless is an important step in safer infusions.”

Twenty-three percent of surveyed organizations reported serious medication incidents in the past 24 months and 60 percent of those were made while using drug libraries. EMR integration with auto-programming would help eliminate those types of programming errors, KLAS states.

Respondent satisfaction was tied to their vendor’s technology development. Smart pump vendors Baxter, Carefusion, and Hospira led in wireless technology. B. Bruan and Smiths Medical just received FDA approval, but still have few on wireless, KLAS stated.


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